"Susan is a natural healer.  Classically trained, Susan not only pulls from her vast knowledge of the healing arts, but she also listens to her natural ability in reading her clients and their individual needs.  Susan's caring talents have changed my life!" -Rhonda E., Fairfield, CT

"When Susan first treated me my knee was still swollen like a balloon after knee surgery.  The swelling went down so much by the end of just one treatment, my mobility improved about 70%!  The following day I went to knee therapy and my therapist could not believe the change.  "What did you DO?!" she asked when the wrap came off.  I think Susan took about a month off my healing time.  I continue to see her for TMJ, stress, and a host of other issues -- all of which she helps enormously.  I cannot recommend her enough."
-Nancy S., Westport, CT

"I tried acupuncture after having shoulder pain for over a year. I had tried massage, physical therapy and chiropractic, but none had relieved the pain.  Not only did acupuncture alleviate my shoulder pain, it also helped with back and neck pain, poor digestion, P.M.S. symptoms and stress management.  Susan is very thorough, pleasant and patient in her procedure. She always lets you know exactly what to expect and is very gentle in her touch. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone looking for an acupuncturist." -Melissa B., NYC

"Susan is an excellent Massage Therapist and I would recommend her highly!" -D.C., NYC